Features of LITES

Project Name: Lites Information Tracking and Evaluation System(PPT) May 2008
Project Initiative:

Monitoring the progress of litigation to which state is a party helping the state government to focus on areas socially relevant and sensitive , and minimizing litigation expenses.

Project Brief

Justice to Common man is an integral part of good governance and aim of Justice Department is to assist the Administrative Department in the State to effectively and economically handle litigation and to streamline systems and procedures to maximize efficiency.

Administrative aspects of litigation like appointment of advocates, preparation of factual statements by department, filing reply in time, effective participation during proceedings, timely action on the order of courts, etc. are to be given attention. Also, effective analysis of data would provide the dimension of problems being faced by the government and weaknesses in the current system of the handling litigations. This would logically lead to strengthening systems and procedures.

Project Benefits

A comprehensive and reliable database on litigation will help the Sate Government to focus on areas socially relevant and sensitive, and minimizing litigation expenses.

  • On-line monitoring of progress of litigation
  • Improved efficiency in handling cases
  • Assessment of performance of GAs/ LICs/ OICs.
Targeted Audience/Coverage
  • Deptt. of Justice
  • Group Users: Dept. of justice has identified 201 units under 44 administrative departments to use this Application software for the purpose of providing information to the state Government on litigation matters.
  • Basic Users: The basic users of this software are spread-over the entire state at more than 1500 District/Tehsil-Level Offices/locations.
  • Litigation in Charge (LIC): Approximately 1100 offices users access LITES application software through web per day for the purpose of online entry of litigation data. More that 100 users approximately work concurrently.

Successfully Implemented on line Web based system with a comprehensive and reliable database on litigation With the effective monitoring by the Justice Department and successful implementation by the DoIT & C, The system was launched on 22.5.2006 and successfully implemented across all the Departments of the State and achieved the National level Award in the 10th National e-Governance Conference , in February 2007


Technology Used


Ist Stage : Web based Application using ASP This software was initially developed in ASP using MS-Access database by DoIT&C.

IInd Stage : Due to wide usage of the system and increase in the records ,database was upgraded to SQL server and software in ASP , ASP. NET 1.0

IIIrd Stage Conversion to ASP. Net 2.0

Key modules that significantly reduced risk in the project.
  • Refinement of the reports with the feature of “At a Glance Reports“ developed
  • Long pending Alert system with the reminder generation module developed which significantly reduced lot of problems
  • Duplicity of cases reduced to a large extent.
  • Refinement in the Web design making it more user friendly and easy navigation appreciated by Justice department
  • Date Format inconsistency removed
  • Alert System with Pre confirmation letter
Enhanced Features of New version of Lites : LITES 2008
  • Easy Navigation
  • At a Glance Reports at any level on the click of a mouse
  • Interactive Chat Modules for Instant actions
  • Effective monitoring through feedback response system.
  • Exhaustive search module
  • Effective feel and look
  • Proactive alerts and reminders generation